Training By Trimester: 3rd Trimester


Start focusing more on releasing movements with your breathing. Contractions are important for muscular strength and growth, whether concentric or eccentric; in the 3rd Trimester, releasing out of all contractions becomes very important.

In between each repetition, find a strong posture and use your inhalation to release the tension from all muscles in your body fully. This is especially true for your pelvic girdle, floor, core, glutes, lower back, and shoulders, where most 3rd Trimester moms complain of tension or stress.

In addition to your exercise contractions, you will experience uterine contractions throughout the last three months of pregnancy. Contractions feel like a tightening of the abdomen, sometimes reported as a pinching feeling. These early contractions, called Braxton Hicks contractions, are the body’s way of preparing for birth and are normal. These contractions do not happen at regular intervals, do not dilate the cervix, and will intensify as the fetus is closer to birth.

The focus on releasing is vital to your pelvic floor health. Many women think “releasing” means pressing down on the pelvic floor; this can damage those stressed muscles. Releasing should be gentle, slow, and tied to the inhale. The same method for releasing your muscles will come into play when you are asked to release during labor.

You might start feeling mild, sporadic contractions, especially when tired or dehydrated. You may notice these occurring more after or during a workout session. Drink water, change positions, and, most importantly, focus on releasing your breath, body, and mind.

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