Neely Spence Gracey Sets New World Record for Fastest Mile Pushing a S


In addition to being a world-class runner, Gracey is a certified running coach for the business she founded in 2013, Get Running Coaching. She is passionate about helping other moms get back to the activities that they enjoy. Neely shares with us, “Research tells us that the more active mom is, the more active the children will be, especially if they see fitness being prioritized from as young as they can remember. Let your kids be the reason you make time for a healthy and active lifestyle.”

She first learned about the stroller mile world record in early 2022 and was immediately intrigued. Gracey began training for the stroller mile in earnest, quickly realizing it was much more challenging than anticipated. The stroller added significant weight and drag, making it difficult to maintain her running form. Despite the challenges, Gracey persevered and eventually set a goal of breaking the world record.

“I loved combining my worlds of competitive athlete and mom my running down this stroller record, says Neely. “I hope my kids learn about goal setting, pursuing passions, taking care of your body, and having fun with your family by having a front row seat (literally) in this endeavor.”

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