Choosing the Right Vape: 5 Tips for Beginners – Solve Your Dilemma


What is a vape?

Nowadays, many people have started to get accustomed to using alternative methods of smoking regular cigarettes. One of these alternative methods is the usage of the innovative electrical cigarette called vaporizer – more commonly known as vapes. 

A vape has become one of the widely known and used alternative smoking devices as it provides numerous benefits compared to other smoking methods. A vape is made up of different components; even though different types of vapes might have additional components to provide additional features, there are some basic components that are necessary for the most regular vape to have. 

So, to effectively use a vape, the vape needs to be equipped with a mouthpiece, cartridge, coil, and an additional charger. Some of these components are changeable, such as the cartridge where people are required to fill it with the vape liquid to be able to smoke. For instance, many people keep a wide selection of Live Resin cartridges at hand to have the opportunity to change the cartridge when they desire to change the flavor of the vape liquid. Changing the cartridge or even the coil is recommended frequently to avoid mixing different vape juice flavors. 

Nevertheless, it is important to understand the advantages you will gain by using a vape compared to other smoking materials; thus, it is best to acquaint yourself with them to know your benefits. 

Advantages of smoking through a vape

The usage of vaporizers started to become a trend due to the numerous benefits they provide. First, due to the numerous flavors, there has been an increase in people’s satisfaction with their smoking experience. 

On the other hand, the different flavors of e-liquids produce a comfortable odor that is more enjoyable when people smoke in public places. In other words, using a vaporizer allows smokers peace of mind that the odor will not bother those who surround them.

Additionally, the negative effects of passive smoking have been reduced due to using vaporizers. This is because most vaporizers have lower nicotine levels compared to regular cigarettes. This benefit has unintentionally caused smokers to become less addicted to the substance, which has created a normal smoking habit for them. 

Hence, it is important to do a cost-benefit analysis when deciding to use a vaporizer to be able to understand whether using the tool is the most beneficial option for you. 

So, if you decide to use the device to smoke, it is best to understand how to choose the right type as a beginner. Here are some tips to take into account when choosing the product. 

Tips for vape-user beginners

Choose the right type of vaporizer based on your smoking habits

As the demand for vaporizers increased in the smoking community, companies that produced vaporizers decided to expand their product lines by introducing different types of vaporizers in the market. 

The two most important types became reusable and disposable vaporizers. When using a reusable vaporizer, people have the opportunity to purchase a bottle of vape juice and fill the cartridge of the device to prolong its usage. However, the disadvantage of using this type is that people usually get bored of smoking the same flavor for longer periods. 

On the other hand, when using a disposable vaporizer, people have the opportunity to change the flavor because, once the e-liquid empties inside the cartridge of a disposable vape, people are required to purchase a new device to be able to smoke – this allows them to purchase a different flavor each time. 

Determine what types of flavors fit best to your preferences

If you plan on using a reusable vape, it is best to try some flavors by using disposable ones and determine which one fits best for your preferences. After figuring that out, be sure to purchase that flavor for your reusable one. 

Look at the battery life of the vape before purchasing

One important thing that most beginners or vape users do not look at is the battery life of the vape. Since vapes are electronic devices, having a device with a long battery life that can last up to a day is important. 

Have a budget for how much you plan to spend.

There are numerous types of vaporizers – each with specific features and additions that can increase the expenses associated with using a vape. So, before looking for what to purchase, be sure to assign a budget to not overly exceed your vape-related expenses.

Always have maintenance tools available.

Finally, by using a reusable tool, it is always important to have maintenance tools available to ensure the best smoking experience possible. For instance, try to have additional coils available to change the coil whenever needed. 


To conclude, getting into using a vape as a smoking alternative can be tricky at first; however, after some time, the dilemma of feeling lost will be solved due to gaining experience in how to use a vape. 

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