5 Leap Year Cardio Challenges for Moms


At FIT4MOM, we understand motherhood is a rollercoaster of emotions, and cardio is our secret weapon for maintaining balance. Whether it’s a brisk jog, a dance party in the living room, or a heart-pumping Strides 360 class, cardio helps us shake off stress while keeping our physical and emotional hearts in sync with the joys of motherhood.

Sarah teaches for FIT4MOM SE Fairfield County, CT, and is very familiar with the benefits of cardio sessions for physical and emotional purposes. Sarah shares, “Cardio is a cornerstone in almost every FIT4MOM program, and this is where I see moms make some of their best connections. My favorite is when a good cardio drill from our stroller classes gets you face-to-face with your baby, singing, tickling, and doing peek-a-boo. This is when- despite lack of sleep, sick kids, or any number of mom life stressors- a mom is completely focused on her baby, her love shines through, and all the extraneous “stuff” melts away. Talk about being good for the heart!”

Celebrate the power of our hearts with this fun cardio workout focused on one of our favorite movements- LEAPING! The terms “leaping” and “jumping” are often used interchangeably, but at FIT4MOM, we say the jumps take off and land on 2 feet, while leaps have a cadence of one-two when landing. For example, you land on the right foot and then the left foot. Leaping often involves a more gradual push-off and landing, allowing for a smoother transition and reducing the sudden impact on joints. Plus, it can make you feel like a kid all over again!

Let’s revel in the joy of movement by leaping into this leap year! Bonus: you can do these drills with or without a stroller!

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