20 Black Friday Wellness Products You Don’t Want to Miss Out On


Black Friday is here once again, signifying the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season in which you set out to get the best deals possible on items you’ve been eyeballing for quite some time now.

And what better time to invest in products that will help boost your overall health and wellness.

After all, wellness isn’t just about hitting the weights and eating clean, it encompasses healthy sleeping habits, minimizing stress, and practicing self-care.

With that, whether you’re looking to get more sleep, increase your water intake, or lower your stress levels, these items will do just that—without emptying your wallet.


Therapy Dough

Therapy Dough

Infused with essential oils and made by art therapists to help people manage anxiety, depression, and difficult emotions, this adult playdough provides stress relief as you squish, squeeze, and shape.

Black Friday Deal: $15, at UncommonGoods.com


Glow Essential Oil Diffuser

Oil Diffuser - Nordstrom

Add relaxing oil (like Lavendar) and turn on the diffuser’s soft light, and you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed and ready to tackle the busy Holiday season.

Black Friday Deal: $52, at Nordstrom.com

 Classic Easy-Pour Growler

STANLEY Easy Pour Cup

Don’t wait until the New Year to increase your water intake. This high-quality, 65-ounce cup keeps your drink cold for up to 24 hours.

Black Friday Deal: $42.75, at Stanley1913.com

Super-Size Stoked Bands

Super Size Stoked Bands - Kira Stokes
Kira Stokes

Gain strength, stamina, and power with the Kira Stokes Super-size band set. Everything you need to get in shape as you head into the new year is right here.

Black Friday Deal: $21.20, shop.KiraStokes.com

Ifanze Leg Massager

I fanze Leg Massager - Walmart
I fanze

The compression and heat components of this model are designed to relax your body while relieving leg fatigue and increasing blood circulation while providing a deep muscle massage experience.

Black Friday Deal: $70, at Walmart.com   

 Lectro Fan EVO Sleep Sound Machine

Lectro Fan EVO Sound Machine copy

Fall into deep relaxation as you listen to the sounds of waves and white noise designed to help improve sleep, increase focus, and boost relaxation.

Black Friday Deal: $59.45, at Amazon.com

BILITOK Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat

BILITOK Neck and Back Massager - Walmart

With 3D heated kneading nodes that provide a warm neck massage, your neck will no longer feel tight and achy after a hard session at the gym.

Black Friday Deal: $27, at Walmart.com

STOKED Jump Rope


Maximize your workout potential and boost your cardiovascular health as you jump rope your way to a better you. Perfect for busy Holiday schedules and stocking stuffer for the fitness-lover in your life.

Black Friday Deal $12, at shop.Kira Stokes.com

Naipo Foot Spa Bath Massager

Naipo Foot Bath Massager - Walmart

Pamper your tired feet in a healing foot bath that offers bubbles, vibration, and tranquility after a long day at work.

Black Friday Deal: $289, Walmart.com

TRIBE Organics Ashwagandha

TRIBE Organic Ashawagandha copy

Backed by 20 years of research, this natural herb has been shown to support athletic performance, stress management, and overall well-being.

Black Friday Deal: $26.47, at Amazon.com

NEENCA Back Brace Posture Corrector

NEENCA BAck Brace Posture Corrector

This adjustable unit is made for both men and women who want to correct their posture health while reducing back pain. Simply adjust to your size, place it on, and soon you’ll go from slumping over to a perfect posture.

Black Friday Deal: $20, at Walmart.com

Heritage Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Heritage Olive Oil

Whether coating your lean proteins or your face at night, olive oil is popular for its amazing health (and beauty) benefits. From lowering bad cholesterol to providing your skin with a glow, this high-end oil is a fitness- lovers’ must-have.

Black Friday Deal: $38.40, at FlamingoEstate.com

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Mini Exercise Bike

sunny Health Under Desk Exercise Bike copy
sunny Health

Stay active while you work with this mini exercise bike. Whether you want to keep moving or have a foot injury that needs attention, this simple unit will bring your feet back to health.

Black Friday Deal: $96, at Amazon.com.com

Total Body Balance Ball Kit

Gaiam Balance Ball copy

This anti-burst ball is designed to assist your workouts or provide your spine the stretch it needs after a hard workout or a long day at your desk job.

Black Friday Deal: $18, at Amazon.com

Maxkare Electric Heated Blanket

Heated Blanket - Walmart

Whether you’re sore after a hard workout or tired after work, this heated blanket will provide relaxation and comfort as your muscles heal.

Black Friday Deal: $40, at Walmart.com

Smart Scale

smart Scale copy

Easily track your BMI, weight, muscle mass, body water rate, and bone mass with this easy-to-use and affordable smart scale designed to help you stay on top of your fitness progress.

Black Friday Deal: $25.49 at Amazon.com

Big Blanket Company

Big Blanket
Big Blanket Company

There’s nothing like resting under a big, comfy blanket after a busy day or intense workout. Here, you have the choice to take your blanket outdoors or keep it at home; either way, your body will feel relaxed as soon as the big blanket

Black Friday Deal: Sitewide up to $100, at Bigblanket.com

Blue Tooth Shower Speakers

Blue Tooth Shower Speakers - Walmart

You can jam out to your favorite music or relax with the sounds of nature in your shower with his blue tooth shower speaker unit; perfect for those looking to unwind or let loose before or after a long day.

Black Friday Deal: $15, at Walmart.com

AIR TNE Neck Pillow

Cabeau Neck Pillow

The neck takes a beating; whether it’s in the gym, at your desk, or traveling, one thing is for sure, a sore neck is a common occurrence. This comfy neck support will allow you to work from home or fly on a plane, as its main job is to keep neck pain at bay.

Black Friday Deal: 25% off sitewide on travel pillows and comfort accessories, at Cabeau.com

Naot Footwear


Your feet carry you from the gym to work. This is why what you wear to support them is important. Here we have arch support, cushioning, and everything you need to keep your feet supported and comfortable all day long.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 40% off, at Naot.com

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